Who We Are

Serendipity Media, LLC specializes in magazine and eNewsletter publishing along with managing various websites and social media platforms. Our story journeys through the pages of our magazines, the websites we host, the eNewsletters we create, and the digital editions we produce. Our company, as a whole and as individuals, is ever evolving, improving, and striving. Read More...

Company News

We are pleased to announce that we raised over $16,000 for the Baxter Community Center at October's Wine & Wig event! Attendees gathered for a unique evening of food and wine pairings, silent auction, and, of course, wigs!

Stay tuned for details about Wine & Wig 2015.

Our Name

We get a lot of questions about our unique name. Some people just like the way it sounds, others want to know if there is a story behind it. The truth is, we really like the word and it fits our company and culture well. And yes....there is a story behind it -- isn't there always?