Holiday Cards You’ll Never Fir-get

‘Tis the season for endless party invites, growing holiday wish lists and a mad dash to meet end-of-year goals.

While the holidays could present stressful times for companies, it’s important to remember some basic business etiquette.

Holiday cards are a simple, inexpensive and low-risk way to show current and former clients you care! While a majority of companies conduct business online, holiday cards represent small—yet thoughtful—tokens of sincerity, with a personal pizzazz.

Kasie Smith, President of Serendipity Media, reminisces about a few favorite Serendipity holiday cards given to clients over the years:


Ice, Ice Baby
“If there’s one thing we know at Serendipity, it’s that babies and humor get attention. When creating your holiday card, avoid generic greetings. Making your holiday cards funny and engaging will increase the chance your clients will keep them and be reminded of your business.”   


Feast Mode (Baking Card)
“It’s all about composition and keeping your client’s interest. I loved our holiday baking card because I catch something new every time I look at it. From Kary sneaking a drink in the background to Megan’s facial expression, this card always brings a smile to my face.”


Dear Santa … I Can Explain
“Our staff sleighed it! Remember: The holidays should be about fun and good times. Your card should reflect that.”


Treat Yo’Elf (Elf Card)
“Let your staff’s personalities shine through! Everyone’s poses in our holiday elf card reflect their personalities to a tee.”


Modern Family
“When creating your card, think of current events or viral ideas that you can latch onto. This particular year, Modern Family was a huge hit and we wanted to replicate that! The only thing we were missing were the French Bulldogs.”

The 2019 Card
“Fa-la-lala-la! We’re very excited to take a fresh approach this year. Serendipity has undergone a lot of changes this year and we wanted to reflect that in our holiday card while supporting a local artist. Check out our Facebook page during the holidays to see our 2019 card!”

Serendipity: the event of finding interesting or valuable things by chance. We’re glad you found us!