Since we opened our doors in 2002, Serendipity Media's growth has been fueled by our team's commitment to produce quality work that surprises and delights. Our core values—service, team, accountability, initiative and respect—guide us in our everyday interactions with each other and our clients.

We pride ourselves on telling authentic stories in an ethical way, and we value the fact that no two stories are the same. We work to welcome new perspectives and embrace narratives outside of our individual norms. Our team represents a variety backgrounds, experiences, education and more, allowing us to capitalize on individually unique strengths and continually evolve as an organization. Empowered from within, we respectfully challenge one another just as much as we lift one another up, both personally and professionally.

We believe it's the people that create a foundation for success. At Serendipity Media, differences are welcomed, valued, celebrated and heard. We see equity, diversity and inclusion as connected to our mission and critical to our work. We are committed to continually learning and fostering an inclusive environment with equitable treatment for all.

Serendipity Media does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations.


Kasie Smith

• I am a mom of twin boys, Jackson & Spencer.

• Spencer & I have won a mother-son parent/child golf tournament!

• I truly love that every day is different working with the team at Serendipity!

Kasie's Blog

Kasie Smith

President and Publisher

Kary Moening

• I am a kid at heart and often get the giggles during company meetings.

• My beloved parents are named Larry and Karen, hence my name—Kary!

• I am obsessed with fresh-cut bouquets of peonies and hydrangeas.

• I love to play 9 holes of golf ... but hate playing 18!

• I do not have a competitive bone in my body: Ironically, I’ve been in sales for over 15 years!

• Happy hour is the best hour. :)

Kary's Blog

Kary Moening

Media Sales Director, Groups Today and Teach & Travel

Kelli Belanger

• I thoroughly enjoy books about art theft and forgery.

• Before landing my job at Revue, I worked with school-age kids for 11+ years.

• I’m a stand-up paddle boarding enthusiast.

• My daughter is my clone—and now I fully understand karma.

• I’m at my best and most powerful when I wear all black (hence my obsession with lint rollers)!

Kelli's Blog

Kelli Belanger

Media Sales Manager, REVUE West Michigan

Haleigh Gerwig

• My goal is to travel to an international destination bi-annually. So far, I’ve been to 6 countries! My favorite has been Italy, with the most gorgeous attractions and the best food I’ve eaten in my life.

• I do a lot of reading: A recent favorite is The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid. Ask me for a book recommendation!

• I know all the words to Gwen Stefani’s “Hollaback Girl.”

• Throughout middle and high school, I was homeschooled. But if you know me, I don’t fit the stereotypes of a “homeschool kid,” except that my siblings truly are my best friends.

Haleigh's Blog

Haleigh Gerwig

Media Sales Consultant, Groups Today and Teach & Travel

Susan Smalley

• I am totally addicted to Candy Crush.

• I love my sparkles!

• I need to ask Loren for lessons on how to get my lipstick to always look so good.

• Being at the beach makes any kind of day a great day! It is where I go to recharge my soul.

Susan's Blog

Susan Smalley

Media Sales Consultant, West Michigan Woman

Megan Marshall

• My dream job is to read books all day! I’ve easily sat for 8 hours speed reading through a book, only to pick up another the second I finish the first. In 2021, I gave myself a reading goal and read 114 books!

• I’m a triplet! If you’ve ever hung out with me and my brothers, you can tell we’re womb-mates. We’re more best friends than siblings.

• Every vacation I go on, I collect a coffee cup. Every cup you see in my house has a story, and I love when guests don’t know which cup to choose!

Megan's Blog

Megan Marshall

Accounting and Operations Specialist

Kelsey Shoemaker

• I love Studio Ghibli movies! My favorite films are "My Neighbor Totoro" and "Howl’s Moving Castle."

• On the weekend, you will often find me baking a fresh loaf of bread—focaccia, challah and French loaves are my specialty! Next stop: sourdough!

• My self-proclaimed party trick is that I’m really good at Mario Party.

• I have a 20lb black cat (yes, really!) named Apple.

• My top desk essentials include pastel highlighters, cute stationery to organize my to-do’s, sparkly pens and a fake plant.

Kelsey Shoemaker

Marketing Coordinator

Courtney Van Hagen

• I am a not-so-secret Starbucks addict! You can find me with a honey oat milk latte or a brown sugar oat milk shaken espresso! Always a venti.

Friends is and forever will be the best show out there. I am always reminded of an episode, and nothing makes me sadder than when my coworkers don’t get it.

• If I could go to Disney every year (month? week?), I would. I’d say it’s all for my kids … but if we’re being honest, it’s also for the kid in me!

• I'm a learning-as-I-go #boymom to Ronan and Bodhi. My husband, who has three brothers, constantly reminds me that this crazy wrestling, tickle attack world we live in is “normal.”

Courtney's Blog

Courtney Van Hagan

Art Director

Emily Alspaugh

• I love all things creative. Aside from my professional work in graphic design, I design for my small business, paint, make jewelry and so much more!

• I played lacrosse in high school and on the club team for a few years in college.

• My favorite movie is Forest Gump.

• My cats names don't match their colors. Coconut being an orange cat and Clementine being a black and white tuxedo cat. Nevertheless, they have my whole heart.

Emily's Blog

Emily Alspaugh

Graphic Designer

Maggie Mutch

• On the side, I work as a wedding coordinator.

• My all time favorite city I've traveled to is Edinburgh.

• The one and only sport I've ever been good at is skiing.

• I cannot watch a gory movie without feeling physical pain.

Maggie Mutch

Office Coordinator

Sarah Suydam

• I have biked the entire perimeter of a U.S. island and swam in a bioluminescent bay.

• I am a singer who has competed on the Miss Michigan stage.

• I was a co-producer for the longest running live phone-in talk show in American radio history.

• I am a Golden Girls super fan.

• My dog, Blue, comes on all my adventures in his little dog backpack.

Sarah's Blog

Sarah Suydam

Managing Editor, Groups Today and West Michigan Woman

Josh Veal

• I am a cat person, a dog person, and every other type of animal person.

• I dream of being on Survivor despite knowing I’d lose.

• I secretly listen to a lot of metal music, and I love a good dive bar.

• I would give anything to be on a rollercoaster right now!

Josh's Blog

Josh Veal

Managing Editor, REVUE West Michigan and Teach & Travel