It all started in 2005 when my daughter Aryana was 2 and my dear friend Kasie and I reconnected. We had worked together at previous companies, and we were excited to work together again! At that time, we launched fourpoints Magazine, The # 1 Resource for Everything Miss America!

I worked on fourpoints for a few years and very serendipitously, my co-worker and friend, Jodie, decided to move back to California, opening the opportunity for me to go back to selling the magazine I started with Kasie, SYTA’s Teach & Travel! Along with selling Teach & Travel, I was able to sell Groups Today. IT WAS MEANT TO BE!!

My role has changed throughout the years, and Serendipity has gone thru many changes in and of itself. But, my passion for what I do has never changed! I truly enjoy my role at Serendipity Media, and the people/ colleagues I have met through the years have become great friends. My daughter Aryana is now 19!

Cheers to many more years and creating more memories!