Going into my junior year at GVSU, I wanted to find a summer job in West Michigan, so I didn’t have to pack everything and move back home for those few months. I was majoring in English and was searching for different publishing companies in the GR area. Serendipity Media was in my top Google results and when I clicked on their website, it looked like a super fun place to be. I reached out about summer work (they didn’t have anything open) but for lack of better words, I stalked them from my junior year through graduation. When they had a few openings, I applied for all of them, regardless of if I was fit for the job. I called them just about every week to see if they had updates on applications and interviews. That was over 7 years ago, and I really believe that my persistence and dedication, no matter how annoying it may have been at the time, got me to where I am today. I can’t imagine where I would be if they didn’t give 22-year-old me with zero work experience a chance. I most likely would have moved back to the east side. The closest friendships I have now most likely wouldn’t exist; I wouldn’t have married my husband, and I wouldn’t have met the amazing people I currently work with and call my friends. I’ve been with Serendipity through it all—marriage, the purchase of my first house and now the birth of my first child! You won’t be seeing me for a few months as I am getting ready for maternity leave. I couldn’t imagine going through all these life milestones without my Serendipity team!