As a communications company and publisher, Serendipity Media appreciates the right for all Americans to exercise free speech and supports those who do so in a constructive way that promotes progress on issues such as racism and injustice.

Since our inception, Serendipity Media, through our publications, has provided a platform for our readers and followers to engage in thoughtful and meaningful conversations and we will continue to do so. 

This week, in light of the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis and the national grieving and outrage that has proceeded, including peaceful protests and uprisings in our West Michigan community and beyond, we have changed the content of our scheduled live Facebook broadcasts on West Michigan WomanRevue and Groups Today.

For West Michigan Woman and Revue, we will now host a panel discussion on both Facebook channels simultaneously on Wednesday, June 3 at 9 AM ET. 

West Michigan Woman Facebook

Revue Facebook

The panel will include community organizers, mental health experts, and more. The facilitated discussion will feature topics such as how to process the recent events, how to engage in discussions with our families, children, and co-workers and how we can move forward constructively and intentionally. We hope this discussion will help us heal, gain deeper empathy for those whom injustice is too often inflicted and find ways for us to be active anti-racists.

For Groups Today, the "Midday Break" series will not air this week or next and will resume Tuesday, June 16.

These conversations may not be easy, but we know they are critical. Serendipity will continue to use our media platforms to bring the community together, for better, for good.

Written by Kasie Smith, President, Serendipity Media, Publisher Groups Today, West Michigan Woman and Revue.


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