Get to Know the Team: Sarah Suydam

Sarah Suydam is the staff writer at Serendipity Media.

What’s your favorite part of your job?

I love being able to take bits and pieces of an idea or conversation and using words to creatively make them come together in a way that not only helps our clients be successful, but gives our readers the useful and relevant information they’re seeking. Getting to occasionally travel and work in-person with other industry professionals is also an incredible privilege I didn’t think I’d ever have.

What do you love most about working with Serendipity Media’s clients?
I love that our clients share the same values Serendipity does, as it allows our relationships to thrive and grow over time. No matter the field, I know our clients are always looking for the most innovative ways to engage and satisfy. I love it!   

What are your top three tips for businesses and companies?

  1. Be transparent. People are smart enough to know when they’re being marketed to, so be sure to keep your communication channels open and honest—even if there’s some tough love mixed in.
  1. Expand your perspective. Examine what could be done to bring a variety of experiences into your circle. Acknowledging other perspectives exist and validating them will help you better understand those you serve, in addition to your own team.
  1. Always do the right thing. This seems like a given, but it’s worth remembering in especially hard situations. As they say, sometimes the hard thing and the right thing are the same.

In a game of truth or dare, which are you more likely to pick and why?
I’m down for both, but I’m more likely to choose dare. As much as I like to pretend I’m an open book, I’d rather embarrass myself doing something silly in the moment than reveal too much. I’m like a vault!

What’s your go-to drink?
If it’s the morning, it’s black coffee with some collagen peptides for an extra health-boost. If it’s the evening, you’ll be hard-pressed to find me holding anything other than a margarita.

It’s the weekend! What are you typically doing on a Friday night?
It varies, but lately you could find me snuggled on the couch with my dog, Blue, and my boyfriend, Brian. We’re likely either watching a documentary about some obscure music genre or getting lost in some reality tv (much to Brian’s dismay). In more normal times, you could find us at a concert, bowling, or out to eat at a local dive.

Serendipity: the event of finding interesting or valuable things by chance. We’re glad you found us!