Marketing and Membership Management: Egypt Valley Country Club’s ‘Record-Breaking’ 2020

The Client

Egypt Valley Country Club is a premier, privately-owned club in West Michigan offering members a variety of recreational sports and facilities for dining and entertaining.

Our Goals
In 2019, Egypt Valley reported an all-time high for membership numbers overall, with a total of 392 full family playing equivalents. In 2020, Egypt Valley wanted to build on this success and made it Serendipity’s goal to increase membership by 60 families.

To reach this goal, the marketing plan relied on three key strategies:

  1. Utilize direct mailers to reach prospective members in targeted zip codes.
  2. Maintain current membership by supporting the growth of relationships amongst members through engaging social content and a monthly newsletter.
  3. Employ social media campaigns to raise awareness of Egypt Valley and its community to prospective members.

Situation Analysis: Rolling With the Punches
With these goals in mind, it was hard to ignore that the pandemic of 2020 had the potential to impede progress. The saving grace ended up being Egypt Valley’s championship golf courses. Golf, it turns out, is an outdoor activity that can be enjoyed safely with social distancing. Egypt Valley had to pivot when it came to events and indoor dining. Both looked a bit different this year, but with responsible protocols, the Club produced an events calendar full of entertainment and dining opportunities that would entice would-be members.

Our Approach
Serendipity Media’s marketing team approached the client’s goals with new messaging such as “your year-round escape,” “find your fit,” “home away from home,” and “life’s moments happen here” to speak to prospective members' needs — community, an inclusive, staycation spot that offers safe fun for the entire family. This continuous messaging helped increase brand recognition and converted prospects to members.

In addition to attracting new members, it was important that Egypt Valley retain current membership. During a time when many across the country were feeling isolated from their community, Serendipity endeavored to engage Egypt Valley’s community by sharing recipes, profiling employees and highlighting families in Egypt Valley’s newsletter, blog and social media.

Strong Results
Despite COVID-19, Egypt Valley had a record-breaking year and Serendipity exceeded its goal! Prospective members responded well to the messaging, and audiences that hadn’t been touched before were touched due to Serendipity’s broadened reach. The club now has its highest number of new members in the last 10 years — putting a strong emphasis on membership marketing has paid off greatly. As a direct result of this increased membership, the club is in a position to survive in a post-COVID-19 world. In addition to that, member retention has been maintained at a higher rate than seen in previous years. This is due, in part, to strong member engagement. Members responded well to the family highlights because it put names to faces and gave others the opportunity to strike up a conversation with the highlighted family. Members are feeling confident about their relationships with one another and the club, increasing word of mouth.

We pride ourselves in exceeding goals and surpassing expectations. Need help with membership management, marketing or social media? Contact us and we’ll talk strategy.

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