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Why Winning Awards Is Important For Your Business

You and your business’ fans know that you create excellent products and provide great services, but do outsiders? This is where awards come into play. Winning awards not only differentiates your brand, but also provides credibility, gaining the attention of potential customers.

It’s no secret that we are social beings and rely on the wisdom of others when making purchasing decisions. Awards provide social proof of your business’ excellence and sets you apart from others within your industry.

To become an award-winning business, we suggest starting off small. Look around your community and see what awards are being offered. Do any local publications —like our in-house magazines Revue and West Michigan Woman—host annual contests? Tap into your local fanbase and grow it by nominating yourself and asking for votes. Next, look around your state for other opportunities, and then think bigger—go national within your industry! Work your way up!

It’s important to keep in mind that not all contests have the same format. Some will be popularity-based, and you will place based on the number of votes you garner. If you are in the food or drink industry, you will be judged on taste. And if you are in marketing, you might be asked for a written submission and a PDF example of your work. Regardless of the format, the awards lend important third party credibility to your company, which then can be used in your PR and marketing.

Once you win an award, don’t be afraid to call your business “award-winning” and highlight that distinction throughout your marketing. Awards shouldn’t be overlooked as a promotional tool. Make sure marketing materials are updated with the award logo. Afterall, you will gain increased visibility within your community and industry. An added perk—you may notice a boost morale amongst your staff.

Winning awards is fantastic; it’s very apparent that you are doing something right, but remember, those awards can’t replace a well thought out marketing strategy. Compliment your awards with strategy and watch the accolades convert to sales.

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