Despite living in the Digital Age, print still matters. Magazines are still plentiful and with them, comes print advertising. It’s simple—despite negative predictions as social media has grown in popularity—print media and print advertising still works.

Magazines offer an experience that employs the senses. When the senses are involved, it becomes a highly interactive experience. This in turn, makes the content you are engaging with memorable.

Not only does print actively engage those interacting with it, but Marketing Sherpa found that print ads garner the most customer trust. So, compared to digital, print advertisements, like in a local magazine such as Revue or West Michigan Woman, offer an important and unique value.

Here is what our Serendipity Media sales staff had to say about the importance of print advertising:

“Print magazines engage readers and are tangible, rather than a digital ad, which can easily be scrolled by and forgotten. Additionally, print magazines are held in offices and homes well beyond their initial release, which gives your brand increased visibility.” - Haleigh Gerwig, Media Consultant, Revue

“With print magazines, you can touch and feel the product; readers tend to spend more time with it, making it a stronger source of messaging! With print magazines, the readers pay more attention to the content than they do with digital. Magazine readers have to actively engage with printed content to read it—they have to pick up the content, hold it, touch it. Perhaps sit in a comfy corner and take time to thumb through each page. With digital content, the reader can passively scroll through it, without having to focus too much.” - Kary Moening, Media Sales Director, Serendipity Media

“Print advertising can actually help increase the effectiveness of other forms of advertising. According to Newsworks, it’s been proven that “newspaper [print] ads make television ads twice as effective, and they make digital marketing efforts four times as effective as they would be without print ads running concurrently.” - Kelli Belanger, Media Sales Manager, Revue

Finding the right balance of print and digital advertising can help advertisers see the greatest return on investment. Allow Serendipity Media to create a custom hybrid advertising package that meets your business's needs.

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