With the evolution of the internet, we have access to an endless library of platforms and websites at our fingertips. Although convenient, the never-ending abyss that is a Google search can present two problems, one being that we can’t seem to find the right tool for what we’re looking for, and the other being that there are too many variations of the same tool to choose from. Free trials and review reading can be very time-consuming, so here are a few of our favorite tools for everything from time tracking to live streaming!

Our Editorial Team is Thankful For …

The AP Stylebook
It will come as no surprise to anyone who has taken any type of journalism/writing course, but as a writer, the AP Stylebook has been my personal bible ever since college. The book's website also offers a bevy of tools like a searchable digital stylebook, quizzes to keep your knowledge sharp and even a style-checker tool for your own writing (all available if you've purchased your own book and created an account).

• Sarah Suydam
Managing Editor for Groups Today and West Michigan Woman

For interviews, I love Otter.ai! It makes it easy to record interviews in person or over the phone. It automatically transcribes the whole conversation, which saves me hours of work and is much cheaper than paying for a company like Rev to do it. I recommend it to anyone who needs meetings or interviews transcribed, as long as you're okay with some errors here and there!

• Josh Veal
Managing Editor for REVUE West Michigan and Teach & Travel

Our Marketing Team is Thankful For …

Coming from a broadcasting background, I have grown fond of Streamyard. Having the capability to create your own broadcasts using something as simple as a website has made a huge difference in video quality and live events. Knowing that people prefer to watch videos instead of reading text, it has helped make our content stand out and reach more people!

• Kayla Swem
Marketing Coordinator

While our graphic designers may cringe, I am in love with Canva. Canva puts PowerPoint to shame. It is incredibly intuitive and easy to use, allowing those of us who fancy graphic design but aren't technically trained to create stunning visuals for presentations, social media, emails, etc. Though it could never replace Adobe, I pay for the pro version of Canva and create graphics 10x faster than if I tried to figure out the intricacies of Photoshop.

• Loren Eisenlohr
Marketing Director

Our Sales Team is Thankful For …

Nutshell Blog
I am a big fan of the Nutshell blog. I have yet to find a sales resource that is more relevant to the type of selling I do, and frankly, it's just fun to read!

• Kelli Belanger
Media Sales Manager, REVUE West Michigan

I will use hunter.io to get email formatting for company emails when I don't have a connection or the company uses the form fill on their contact us page. It’s great for prospecting directly to the decision-maker if you can at least get the name!

• Susan Smalley
Media Sales Consultant, West Michigan Woman

Our Production Team is Thankful For …

Adobe Creative Cloud
As a graphic designer, the Adobe Creative Cloud has been a part of my everyday life ever since starting my program in college. From Photoshop and Illustrator to InDesign, I couldn't live without it. Aside from the programs that make it all possible, mood boards are a huge step in my creative process. I never start a project without first gathering inspiration and having it all out in front of me.

• Emily Alspaugh
Production Assistant

Other Company Tools We’re Thankful For …

I think the implementation of Basecamp at Serendipity has helped our company be more organized and efficient as we approach our work. It allows us to divide up our different clients, projects and in-house teams so that we can easily communicate with each other, delegate work and stay on top of everything!

• Kasie Smith
President and Publisher

Using Harvest to track work time is convenient for so many different reasons. Sure, it allows us to keep track of our time for billing purposes, but it also allows us to go back and see how much time we spent on various projects and tasks. This provides us with an idea of just how long certain things might take so we can accurately and efficiently manage our time!

• Jasa West
Marketing Coordinator

Serendipity: the event of finding interesting or valuable things by chance. We’re glad you found us!