2023 is here, and with every new year, we are presented with the opportunity to close one chapter and move on to the next. Whether individual goals or a collaborative plan for the whole family, there’s nothing like a fresh new year to inspire new habits, healthy intentions and exciting plans. Here are just a few of the ways our team here at Serendipity Media is working to be and do better in 2023:

Healthy Habits:

In 2023, I'd like to get better at giving myself more grace when learning a new hobby or growing a creative skill. I've always been one to get discouraged when I'm not relatively "good" at something right off the bat, so taking time to get more comfortable in the uncomfortable is the aim.

I also ran a half marathon ten years ago this year, so I might run another in 2023 for funsies.

- Sarah


In 2023, I am planning on putting a lot more energy into my overall health and wellness (both physically and mentally!), whether that be getting outside more often, journaling, reading, eating foods that make me feel good, etc. 😁

- Emily


2023 is when I hope to figure out life! (That's possible in 365 days, right?) But honestly, this year, I am going to take the time to figure out what is best for me, my family and, well, life! I feel like I’m always going day-by-day just to get through it, then I’m left wondering where the time went and what I did the last 300+ days. I want to figure out how to slow down, focus on what I need for my mental and physical health and truly enjoy and remember the time had with friends and family! ❤️

 - Courtney


Graduating college and starting my career near the end of 2022 was a great way to enter into the new year and set goals for myself. In 2023, I want to create a routine to balance social, work and personal life. I’m also aiming to try one new thing a month, whether it be as big as traveling to a new destination or as small as trying a new food! 

- Natalie


Finishing What We Started 

In 2023, I want to master the new routine of being a first-time mom and returning to work. It's a completely different way of life, and I'm excited about it!

On top of that, I’m striving for the Poland/Croatia trip that my husband and I were supposed to go on in 2020. First, the pandemic happened, and then we got pregnant. We haven't been able to make it work, so I think 2023 is our year! 😁

- Megan


2023 is the year I will finish my graduate degree. I completed my undergraduate degree at Alma College in 2006, and given the trajectory of my career, chose to go back to school 15 years later, this time at Michigan State. I find academic success to be incredibly rewarding, and I like the fact that I'm really challenging my brain to think in new ways ... or at least in ways that it hasn't in many, many years. It will no doubt be difficult to juggle my kids, my marriage, my job and school, but where there's a will, there's a way. By December of this year, after I walk across the stage donned in cap and gown (again), I am sure I'll be thinking, "what's next?!" 

- Loren


Long Term Goals

In the final days of 2022, my husband and I set aside time to discuss our big goals for the year ahead. We're hoping to purchase our first home in 2023, so we needed to get on the same page with financial practicalities and other goals. It was so great for us to sit and chat about things like our relationship, our individual goals, as well as what this coming year could look like for the two of us. Since this conversation was so productive, we've planned monthly check-ins to ensure we're working toward our goals–making every "check-in" a bit more exciting with homemade cocktails 🍸

- Haleigh

In 2023, I plan to get back to distance running–something that used to bring me a great sense of strength and accomplishment. I dug up my old training plans, bought a new pair of running shoes and have already hit the pavement a few times. Though I have a long way to go to get back to where I used to be, I'm excited by the thought of running a half or even another full marathon sometime in the near future! 

- Kelli

New Mottos

My daughter gave me a gorgeous journal over the holidays. When I opened it, it read, "Last year told you what you needed to know. Now it’s go-time. "

– Richie Norton

This is my motto in 2023 (in addition to a bit less shopping)!

- Kary

Just before the new year, I came across a quote from Duchess Meghan of the British royal family. It read, "You make a choice: continue living your life feeling muddled in this abyss of self-misunderstanding, or you find your identity independent of it. You draw your own box." 

For me, 2022 was a year of checking off boxes–graduating college, beginning my career, finding a place to live in my new home city, pretty much getting all of my “affairs” in order. As rewarding as it is to have accomplished so much in the last year, I now feel unsure of what to do with myself when I don’t have an assignment or task/goal to complete. It’s as if I’ve lost the ability to be comfortable in the moment. This year, I want to dive deep into understanding myself, listening to my emotions and body, and learning to live a life that is not so dependent on a checklist.

- Jasa


As you go into 2023, we hope you take the opportunity to make this year even better than the last, whether for yourself, your family or your organization! 


If you have goals for your organization but need a little help getting a strategy in place, connect with us today!


Serendipity: the event of finding interesting or valuable things by chance. We’re glad you found us!