Serendipity Media's Art Director Courtney Van Hagen has been named a finalist for the 2017 Ozzie Award in the category of "Designer of the Year." This award is presented by Folio: and is the most prestigious and inclusive awards competition in all of digital and magazine media. 

Courtney has been the Art Director at Serendipity Media, LLC for 10 years. She brings to life six bi-monthly magazines for national associations and organizations—and that’s only part of the job.

In addition to Serendipity Media’s niche publications, Courtney is the lead designer for our marketing service clients. She creates beautiful and thoughtful websites, inspires brand identities, national trade show themes and displays, digital graphics, and marketing and sales collateral that drives results.

Two things about Courtney as a designer really make her stand out: she believes that the client is always right, and she listens to understand. She sees feedback as an opportunity and is always level-headed, calm and willing to listen. Courtney always goes far above and beyond her duties. She will read copy in her design for grammar and spelling. She cross checks that the copy is reflective of the strategic direction of the piece. She clicks on hyperlinks to ensure they work. It’s the little things like these, coupled with her amazing skills, that make her irreplaceable and an excellent Art Director.

Please join us in congratulating Courtney! Click here to learn more.

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