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Get to Know the Team: Kary Moening

Kary is a Media Consultant for Groups Today and Teach & Travel.

What’s your favorite part of your job?

I love my team and clients! I also love the women I work with and have worked with our president and publisher, Kasie, since 1996—we work great together as a team. 

What do you love most about working with Serendipity Media clients? 
Serendipity clients are truly the best, they are friends and colleagues, we work together collaboratively, TOGETHER we have the best products in the industry.

What are your top three tips for businesses and companies? 

  1. Honesty!
  2. Kindness! 
  3. Love your product!

In a game of truth or dare, which are you more likely to pick and why?
Truth! With dares, people always make you eat something that’s just disgusting.

What’s your go-to drink?
It’s hard to choose! My favorite is a beyond filthy, dirty martini with bleu cheese olives. My regular go-to is a Mic Ultra or a wine I love that Kasie introduced me to: Robert Mondavi Chardonnay Bourbon Barrel-Aged.

It’s the weekend! What are you typically doing on a Friday night?
Friday nights are my favorite and it can vary each week where you’ll find me. Usually, I’ll leave work and find a local, quaint dive bar to kick off the weekend or I’ll be at home with comfy socks on.


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