You have a story.

We have a strategy.

Content marketing is a popular buzz phrase these days and for good reason. As traditional marketing becomes less and less effective, organizations must focus on creating and distributing content that attracts and retains audiences. Many organizations know they need to implement content marketing into their overall strategy yet fall short when it comes to execution. We get it. It’s confusing and maybe even a little scary! At Serendipity, content development has always been at the heart of what we do, so it almost feels like second nature. With your value proposition, target audiences and brand in mind, our team will create a content strategy that is authentic and creative, while also focusing on analytics and driving bottom-line results.

We can help you with delivering content in a variety of ways including email, social media, media relations and more.

Printed/Digital Publications Our editors and cadre of writers produce content on a myriad of subjects that keeps your audience coming back for more. FUN FACT: More than 450,000 people read our six magazines.

Social Media Some people think social media is a task for recent college grads. We think it's best left to the experts–and we have several of them on staff. FUN FACT: When we opened our doors in 2001 social media wasn't event a thing.

Blogs It's not always easy to predict what content will resonate the most with an audience, but you won't know how successful you can be if you never begin. Let us help you get started. FUN FACT: One of our blogs reached nearly 67,000 readers.

eNewsletters Conveniently sharing useful and helpful content will never go out of style. That's why eNewsletters are one of our favorite and most effective communications tools. FUN FACT: We were the first group travel publication to implement an eNewsletter.

Email Marketing eMail marketing is part science, part art. We study subject lines, call to action statements and even the psychology of button colors, shapes and sizes. We want your content to be seen, afterall. FUN FACT: 15% of people check their email during church.

SEO SEO best practices are always changing, but the goal remains the same: get found online. We incorporate SEO with keywords, links, metadata and more. FUN FACT: One of our websites had a 46% increase in web traffic after we implemented SEO measures.


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