When I first started at Central Michigan University, I started out in the teaching program and was so positive that I didn’t want to pursue a creative career due to the fear of experiencing burnout or the passion for it dying out. Teaching was not for me.

I missed being able to and having the time to create. Eventually, I swapped a class out for intro to drawing. I just wanted to see if a creative major was something I could truly see myself pursuing. Taking a chance on that one art class and trusting my gut to change classes, changed my life.

I dove fully into the arts program and found myself passionate about graphic design. It was something I knew nothing about. I was never exposed to it until I reached college. I loved being able to collaborate and work on so many different projects and most importantly it gave me all the time I needed and wanted to create art.

I soon became part of an on-campus magazine, RAW. RAW was a fashion publication and my role as a graphic designer was to layout the magazine and make creative decisions. I wholeheartedly loved it. From that point on, I knew I wanted to work for a publication.

I graduated Spring of 2020, which we all know was not exactly the best time to be thrown into the “real” world considering the world was at a standstill. I spent countless hours updating my portfolio, resume and applying for jobs. Jobs close to home, across the country, and everything in between. Two years after graduating I had fully started my own small business and graduate school and felt like I was at a good place to continue growing my business and see where life would take me.

I was still job searching, but not nearly as much as I was previously, and I remember randomly coming across a job opening at Serendipity Media that was looking for a part-time graphic designer in Grand Rapids. After combing through the website, I found out I’d be able to work on publications, so of course, I applied, interviewed and got the job.

I remember the feeling when I received the call and accepted the position. I finally found a place that took a chance on me. I knew it would change my life, and it did. The whole journey to get to where I am now is simply serendipitous.