It's what sets us apart and gives us a leg up on traditional marketing agencies.

Let's Connect.

For associations that wish to better connect with members or businesses looking to share relevant content with prospects and clients, custom publishing–from print to digital–is a great way to build a brand, engage readers and develop long-lasting relationships ... all while contributing to the bottom line.

Serendipity Media's team of dedicated professionals provides wrap-around publishing services. We write content, design layouts and sell advertising—and if you so desire, we can provide content marketing services as well. Serendipity's team is experienced in supporting all publishing needs, and we will roll up our sleeves and dig in to give you the best product that promotes your brand and tells your story the way you envision it.

Our story as a publisher is best told through the pages of our magazines. You will quickly see that our titles span the globe, and topics range from travel to women's lifestyle to entertainment and Broadway. Feel free to click through our publications below to learn more about each magazine and Serendipity Media.


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