The 5 Most In-Demand Marketing Skills

It feels good to be able to say, "I work in marketing." Marketing is a cool, sexy field to work in, and many people likely earn degrees in it for that reason alone. There is no doubt that marketing can be fun; it's highly creative and you're rewarded for coming up with the next big idea.

Despite living in the Digital Age, print still matters. Magazines are still plentiful and with them, comes print advertising. It’s simple—despite negative predictions as social media has grown in popularity—print media and print advertising still works.

Advertising on social media sites can be incredibly effective when growing your business, marketing a new promotion or simply improving brand awareness. LinkedIn Ads offers many customizable options that make it a great choice for your next advertising campaign. Being a professional social media site with over 750 million users*, advertisers can reach professionals of all ages and industries.

Why Winning Awards Is Important For Your Business

You and your business’ fans know that you create excellent products and provide great services, but do outsiders? This is where awards come into play. Winning awards not only differentiates your brand, but also provides credibility, gaining the attention of potential customers.

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