The Spooktacular Halloween Memories of Serendipity Media

Arguably, the best part about Halloween is that it can be whatever you decide to make it! Whether you spent all year gathering the elements needed for the perfect costume, longed for an excuse to sit and binge all of your favorite spooky movies, or live for the look on the faces of the easily frightened, the season has something you can sink your teeth into! As for Serendipity, we’re all over the board when it comes to our favorite aspects of All Hallows Eve, so from costumes gone wrong to hip-hop zombie gigs, here are some of our most chilling and thrilling memories!

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Serendipity Media LLC is a full-service publishing and marketing agency. We launched our first publication, Groups Today magazine, in August 2002. Serendipity Media now produces five regional and national magazines.

Marketing strategy continues to change as it reflects societal sentiment, current events and the ebbs and flows of the professional landscape. In addition, advances in technology rage on, keeping marketers on their toes in a perpetual learning curve. While it’s difficult to predict how vast changes will be, we can take a stab at what’s here to stay and more than likely evolve in 2022. Here are Serendipity Media’s 2022 marketing predictions:

Serendipity: the event of finding interesting or valuable things by chance. We’re glad you found us!